Michael A. Brown
834 Soapberry Drive
Allen, Texas 75002
Hm # (214) 474-2499
Wk # (214) 280-8601

Information Specialist Responsibilities at local TI account.

Responsibilites include:

  • Understanding the (SECS) scripting process (TI's AutoShell) for automating machinery in developing semiconductor chips.
  • Development of several Automated SECS communication applications to new machines.
  • Automation Engineer leader for TI customer Lexmark Printers.
  • Responsibile for all machinery communication in all Lexmark area; 60+ machines.
  • Demonstrates System Life Cycle activities such as; Requirement Gathering and Analysis, Design Analysis and Construction, Testing, Implementation, Optimization and Support functions.
  • Ability to digest TI's Main Database functionality and report analysis system, known as Semiconductor Manufacturing Systems.
  • Understand existing network configurations for communication manipulations through Automation of machinery, GAMMA Box installations and configurations.