Michael A. Brown
834 Soapberry Drive
Allen, Texas 75002
Hm # (214) 474-2499
Wk # (214) 280-8601

Advanced Fabrication and CAD/CAM Development Engineer Responsibilities at Texas Instruments

Responsibilites include:

  • Developed and validated 3D modeled product / process packages for immediate operational instruction strategies at each machining center. A network of ComputerVision Sparcstations and PC's were assembled along with developed interactive software.
  • Developed 3D model and drafting software using "C" and FORTRAN on a UNIX V platform with a SUN Sparcstation.
  • Created Icon Menu system using "AutoLISP" in conjunction with ComputerVision's CADD 4X and 5 systems.
  • Evaluated 3D modeling software packages; ComputerVision CADD 5, PRO Engineer, Intergraph EMS, and Tecnomatix Valysis(CMM package).
  • Training advisor for off-site tool engineering software applications.
  • Developed interactive training manual for 3D modeling and drafting software using a form of LISP.
  • Developed conversion tactics for AutoCad DXF files to ComputerVision IGES on a UNIX V platform.
  • Developed die design methodizations for steel stamping software applications.
  • Developed and implemented modular tooling and flexible manufacturing system tooling.
  • Designed jigs and fixtures for defense electronic aluminum die cast packages.
  • Provided N/C programming for horizontal machine centers.