I am actively pursuing a CAD/CAM Visualization Consulting position that would allow me to help develop and support services through a company that can hone in on my mechanical and manufacturing strengths. My knowledge of Manufacturing CAD/CAM development and High-end 3D Visualization and Simulation, as well as, a solid background in automation manufacturing as a Mechanical Tool Engineer / Robotic Engineer / Automation Engineer, coupled with abilities to adapt quickly to existing technologies, allows me to understand and improve stimulating successful engineering environments.

My ten years of solid mechanical design in Military Defense and Aerospace technologies using CAD/CAM products like, Unigraphics, PTC's Pro/E, PTC's CADD5x, Bentley's Microstation and AutoCad, were a precursor to developing 3D real-time graphic environments using various OpenGL graphic toolkits such as; Unigraphics visConcept and visMockup, Multigen-Paradigm Vega, PTC’s Division Mockup, Opticore’s Realizer, SGI’s Performer and converting CAD models to OpenGL methodologies using developed modeling translators has given me the confidence and diligence to adapt to multi-environment, multi-industrial applications.

I am a local Katy, Texas resident, that has been involved with several large-scale commercial and military business and technical design proposals that allow me to understand both front-end design, as well as back-end manufacturing techniques. I have traveled on many occasions to specific seminars to describe the virtual reality of real-time design and simulation as well.

I feel that I am a loyal, positive, productive-conscious team player that strives to achieve potentially greater customer satisfaction for the company by taking on the responsibilities of the company's engineering methodologies. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to talk to you and I hope to be speaking with you soon. Please do not hesitate to call or email me.