Michael A. Brown
834 Soapberry Drive
Allen, Texas 75002
Hm # (214) 474-2499
Wk # (214) 280-8601

Information Specialist Responsibilities at EDS

Responsibilites include:

  • Development of the VR Specialist Matrix.
  • Evaluation of VR authoring toolkits such as; VRML, SGI OpenGL's Performer, PTC's Division Mockup, UGS' visConcept, Multi-gen Paradigm's VEGA, Opticore's OPUS Realizer, Alias/Wavefront's StudioTool and Sense8 World Toolkit.
  • Development of client specific VR applications, i.e., Southwestern Bell Co, 3M and many various Military and Automotive applications.
  • Design Operational Procedures for VR Hardware configuration including VR peripherals.
  • Developed object-oriented plugins/models and their behaviors using specific VR toolkits and standards.
  • Responsible for VR peripheral hardware to software environment development; including head-mounted displays, tactical feedback and 3D inputs devices.
  • Responsible for converting 3D models for VR environment suitability using various translations such as; VRML, PTC's Mockup, UGS' visConcept, Multi-gen Paradigm's VEGA, Opticore's OPUS Realizer.
  • Demonstrates application solutions to high profile clients such as; CIO's and Military Executive's at highly visible training seminars, simulation conferences and computer graphic demonstrations throughout the US.
  • Performed system administration functions for UNIX V / Windows NT 4.0 platform on SGI / PC sub-networked/ standalone terminals.
  • Evaluation of 3D Graphic packages such as; 3D Studio Max; Alias/Wavefront, Unigraphics UGS, PTC Pro/E, PTC ComputerVision CADDS5, Alias/Wavefront's Maya.
  • Responsible for coordinating EDS Japan's VR Center services in Tokyo, Japan, with Business Purposal write-ups (Nissan) and demonstrations while in Tokyo.
  • Evaluated potential Energy client for purposal to purchase Houston company (branch from Texaco) to bring EDS into 3D graphic visualization of petroleum fields.