Michael A. Brown
834 Soapberry Drive
Allen, Texas 75002
Hm # (214) 474-2499
Wk # (214) 280-8601

Robotic Engineering Responsibilities at EDS

Responsibilites include:

  • Development of the EDS to GM Robotic Paint Development Standards.
  • Developed robotic paint paths for GM's NAO Paint Group for the 1997 Corvette and the 1998 large Truck platform.
  • Developed and optimized robot paths both at the development center and specific automobile plants using "Robcad" simulation solid modeling package with "C" scripts and "Awk" files.
  • Developed "IGES", CAD translation scripts for vehicle data manipulation for all GM NAO painted vehicles.
  • Performed system administration functions for a UNIX V platform on SGI and HP sub-networked/ standalone terminals.
  • Evaluated and developed new strategies using 3D solid model simulation paint processes with non-robotic machinery for the GM NAO Paint Group with current Chevrolet vehicles.
  • Designed universal vehicle carrier to replicate different GM robotic paint booths worldwide at the Technical Center in Warren, Michigan.