Noemie's Page

March 3, 2004 - I will try and get updated photos, but this should give you an idea of how we live.

Most of the rooms have been painted except yours of course. But we would love for you to pick out a color and we'll paint it for you. Or you can wait until you get here and make a choice with either paint or even wallpaper.

Again, it has been two years (when you arrive in August), since we last had a Foreign Exchange Student (Sonja from Germany) and we are very excited to make your stay an enjoyable one.

These next few photos are slightly aged, but at least you can see what we have for accomendations.

Our house is basically two stories with you staying in a room with your own bathroom, large working space to invite friends over and the ability to communicate with your folks and friends from home on the internet. The internet is Dial-up, however we have used our webcam successfully when conversing with Sonja's parents.

Pictures are from August 2002.

Front of the House

Front Door

Foyer from Dining Room.

Foyer looking up.

Looking down towards the Kitchen.

Top of Stairs.

Yes, the wall is really Yellow.

The door to your room.

Your room.

Your room again.

Looking out the doorway of your room towards the Kitchen.

Hallway from your room.

Your bathroom.

Upstairs Maysen's and Noemie's TV room.

Upstairs TV room, again.

Office / Computer room.

Maysen's Bedroom.

Top of stairs looking down towards Dining room.

Top of stairs looking out foyer window.

Deb's Craft room; downstairs.

Our Bedroom. Date February 2004

Our bathroom.

Our bathroom, again.

Foyer bathroom and stairs.

Our Breakfast nook.

Downstairs Family room. That's totally different with new paint colors. Looks great.

Breakfast nook looking out towards patio.

Maysen's swing set and fort in back yard.

Backyard looking at patio.

Mike's truck.

We'll talk to you soon.