City of Allen - Dated August 2002

Sorry these photos are a little dated but I will soon update with new photos, March 3, 2004.

Our street looking north. We're the second house on the left.

Our local recreation center, which includes: Basketball, and Raquetball.

Looking north onto the local recreation center, Joe Farmer Rec Center.

Our local grocery store, about 1.5 miles or 2.4 km.

Bethany Ridge Park next to the grocery store, Kroger.

A closeup of Maysen's favoraite park. The city is finishing up some road work in the foreground.

Bethany Lakes Park near Joe Farmer Rec Center and across the street from Kroger.

Left of the previous picture. Joe Farmer Rec Center is in the middle of the picture.

Again, left of the previous picture. More lakes for the park.

Again, left of the previous picture. It's very hot during August as you can see by the browning grass.

This picture is very fuzzy, but that's because I tried to get all of the High School in the picture. Yes, you're right. It is BIG!!

The local Natorium. The indoor swimming complex. We are here often. It has an Olympic size lap pool and a children's pool with a slide and a lazy river as well.

About 4 km from where we live. We're off to see . . .

. . . something that I (Mike) calls "Real Kool!"

We're almost there. It's been only about 7 minutes. We're here to see . . .

?????????? What could it be? ???????????

Picture of the nearby lake. I was simply driving over the bridge and took these next few pictures to show that we do have a very large lake nearby. About 20 minutes away. It has a beach somewhere south of this bridge.

Another picture of the nearby lake.

Another picture of the nearby lake.

Look for some more pictures soon.