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Updated on Monday, August 5th, 2002 at 6:15pm Dallas time.

Front of the House

Front Door

Foyer from Dining Room.

Foyer looking up.

Looking down towards the Kitchen.

Top of Stairs.

Yes, the wall is really Yellow. HA HA!

The door to your room.

Your room.

Your room again.

Looking out the doorway of your room towards the Kitchen.

Hallway from your room.

Your bathroom.

Upstairs Maysen's and Sonja's TV room.

Upstairs TV room, again.

Office / Computer room.

Maysen's Toy room.

Top of stairs looking down towards Dining room.

Top of stairs looking out foyer window.

Maysen's Zebra bedroom; downstairs.

Our Bedroom.

Our Bedroom, looking at our bathroom.

Our bathroom.

Our bathroom, again.

Foyer bathroom and stairs.

Our Breakfast nook.

Downstairs Family room.

Breakfast nook looking out towards patio.

Maysen's swing set and fort in back yard.

Backyard looking at patio.

Mike's truck.

Our bedroom again.

Our bedroom again.

We'll have some more pictures of of family tomorrow sometime. We'll talk to you soon.